Which Of These 4 Types Of Mortgages, Is Best, For You?

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For most of us, owning a home, of one’s own, is an essential part, of what we refer to, as, the American Dream! However, for many, this requires, depending, on securing, a mortgage loan, in order to afford, this purchase. After, more than 15 years, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of [...]

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What To Seek In A Mortgage Banker?: 6 Priorities

Whether, one is looking, to purchase a new home, and/ or, feels it is in his best – interests, to refinance, for whatever reason (for example, other financial need, seeking better rates, etc), it’s important to carefully choose/ select, the best mortgage banker, for you! Since, each of us, is different, and, the combination of [...]